Τρανταλίδου 24, Ρέθυμνο 741 00, Ελλάδα
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Category: Health

The General Hospital of Rethymno is a fully-equipped modern hospital that caters for the city and all surrounding areas. It is located in the new town of Rethymno, very close to the Municipal Gardens (at the southwest side). The nursing staff is highly trained to meet to the requirements of disabled people and the hospital engages in long-term cooperation with the local Association of the Disabled. The parking space reserved for vehicles of disabled people, designated for the building, features 3 parking slots with appropriate signage. Near the building, there is also an urban transport stop, while, like in most parts of the new town, there is tactile paving for the blind. The entrance is elevated, but there is an access ramp with a 6.5% slope. All hospital wards, clinics and surgeries are accessible to wheelchair users, which is also the case for all the lifts in the building. At the basement, there is a fully accessible by wheelchair 120-seat amphitheatre and is intended for various events including speeches and video projections. According to the hospital, guide dogs are not allowed on the premises. In the outdoor area surrounding the hospital, there is a small church with 30-people capacity which, however, is not accessible to wheelchair users because of the steps at the entrance. 17 Trandallidou str., Rethymno 74100 / Tel.: +30 28313 42100 and 87100.