Ηγουμένου Γαβριήλ 73, Ρέθυμνο 741 00, Ελλάδα
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Category: Services

This is located on the ground floor of the Delphini building, along with the Tourist Police, and features an independent entrance at the south side on S. Venizelou street. The entrance to the offices is elevated but there is an access ramp consisting of three consecutive parts - 2,1m, 5,3m and 1,8m long each - with up to 10% slope. The main entrance door features two panels (90cm each) and there is a 10cm high step which hinders independent access to the space for people in wheelchair. Guide dogs are admitted. This is the place where the public is informed regarding the existence of accessible infrastructure and services in the Municipality, and is provided with the respective maps. V. Sofokli str. (Delphini building), Rethymno 74100 / Tel.:28310 29148 and 56350.