About our Municipality

The Municipality of Rethymno is located at the centre of the north coast of Crete, between the prefectures of Chania and Iraklion. Rethymno is rich in monuments such as temples, monasteries, Venetian villages and castles. Inhabited since the prehistoric age, as evidenced by the findings at Ideon Andron (the cave that is famous for being the birthplace of Zeus), it experienced growth between the 4th and the 3rd century BC.

Today, Rethymno is one of the most modern towns in Crete, a popular summer destination featuring a high level of tourist facilities.

In recognition of the old town's architectural character, it was declared a protected historical monument in 1967 and a traditional settlement in 1985. Built around the impressing Fortezza castle, the town still retains, to a large extent, its particular character and its noble style: the Venetian type of town planning, the churches and minarets side by side, the arched passageways, the Venetian mansions, the Turkish fountains, the narrow alleys, the arched ground floors, and the old houses with heavy wooden doors and windows. The heart of the old town is the picturesque Venetian harbour.

Official website of the Municipality: www.rethymno.gr/en